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Soumita  Saha ..the 19yr  old  girl  has  made  her  mark  on  cyber  world  as a  rockstar with  her imense talent  and superb tonal quality ...

when  Shraddha Sharma  is  consudered  as  india's justin  Soumita Saha  the calcutta  girl is  also  making her  mark  and  has achived enough  to  be claimed as kolkata's bieber

The latest Indian sensation on YouTube is a girl from Dehradun, Shraddha Sharma, who has captured the nation’s attention by her sweet voice and good looks.The 15-year-old, who uploaded her first song ” Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki” from the movie “”Virsa”" on April 30, 2011, has since then uploaded six videos (of popular Bollywood songs) that have amassed more than two million views in all, making her channelFor a girl her age, Shraddha is handling her fame pretty well, posting messages on her social networking sites like a pro. But as they say, with fame comes criticism, Shraddha too had to face criticism with some saying “She is just a pretty face” and some saying “He guitar playing is fake and she makes weird faces.” She answered her critics by tweeting, “To all my haters who posted crap on my page last night… Love me or hate me I’m still gonna shine. Keep rockin.” Now    that  was  Shraddha’s story   even kolkata has got  talent.Soumita  Saha  from  kolkata   the student  of ST.JOHN’S DIOCESAN pursuing  a degree  in  Architecture  from  New delhi  has also  proved   that  talent  is  enough   to make  a  mark .

 Soumita uploaded  her song  on  YouTube Which  gained  her  appreciations from  several  anonymous  people  as  she says “I am not  a tech sawy at all  singing is  my passion  infact i am  a low tech  person”never  started her  page  but  people who  appreciated  her sweet  voice  and melodious  singing  capability  made  her  a  official  page  called Soumita SAHA
.Even  she  had  to face  critism  like  Shraddha,the hatefull  comments  and free of cost  illegitimate  suggestions  did  not touch  her at all  unlike  Shraddha i did not even  bothered  to  give  an answer to   her  haters  .Rather  appreciated  all  kind of  unnecesarry  suggestions  people posted  on her page .

Her little  bit  fame  rather  impression  on youtube  gained  her  the playback in   the jingles of  many  reputed  brands
 This  gave  her confidence    to  go  on. Positive  comments  like 


ur voice is gud fr 1990 songs….try sm of the songs frm tht era!
CoinWine 2 months ago
Gave  her    the  streangth  to go  on  when  Shraddha  is  India’s  bieber  she did not become bieber  in  a day  The media of dehradun was  always  beside  her .Focussing  her talent  .Will Soumita  find  Kolkata’s  print media emdia  and television  media  by her side ???
the youtube official  channels  of  many  popular  bengali  television  channels have  200+ plus subscriber  like  star jalsha has 1544 subscribers  while  tara tv  has 258 
.Is  it not amazing   that  the 19 yr  old  has  190  subscribers  on  her channel

her  Facebook  fan fage  now has  4000+ likes

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her  youtube  channel  no has  190+ subscribers
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  2. Tomorrow as it is INDEPENDENCE DAY...the Facebook walls..profile pictures and the pages would get hued with the touch of tricolour and suddenly there will be a high adrenaline rush of Patriotism running through the veins of Indians.
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  3. cant help from sharing...I am not feminist rather i believe in "equal"-ism but i often get judged by my clothes and confidence in my voice...
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  4. signing up her frst project (Soumita SAHA)
    updates cumming soon on
    thnkz fr the support so far ^_^
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